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Find articles in online databases

Our A-Z Databases list allows you to find a database by title, subject and / or type of materials you need.

Find journals

Use to identify periodicals (journals, magazines and trade publications) that the library has online and in print. Search by title or subject.

Quick Search

Search a selection of our databases with a single click.

Search Databases

When should you use Quick Search?

Quick Search isn't always the right search! Use these questions to help you decide:

Do you need a little of everything?

Quick Search will find books, articles, government information, media items... Just about anything! If that's what you need, give it a try. If not, you might want to choose a specific database instead.

Do you have a topic that spans a variety of subjects?

Some topics don't fit easily into specific subjects or disciplines. If you have one of these topics, Quick Search might be a good bet! Otherwise, a specialized database might be better.

Have you already tried a specific database and didn't find anything?

For obscure or hard-to-find topics, because it searches a variety of databases at once, Quick Search can be the answer.