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Microform Collections

A guide to specialized microform collections housed in Bell Library

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Exercise and Sport Science Microform Publications

The Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Exercise and Sport Science Microform Publications (HPER) microforms collection is composed of theses and dissertations in health, physical education, recreation, exercise and sport sciences, sport history, and sport-related issues in the humanities and social sciences and dance. There are 10,000 titles in the complete collection. It covers fifty years of graduate research. The theses and dissertations are compiled primarily from universities in the United States and Canada. This collection is published by the University of Oregon, International Institute for Sport and Human Performance. Bell Library owns publications from this collection from 1949 to 1987.

Access to the HPER collection is provided through the library's online catalog, Portal, and through a set of indices that are contained on microfiche.

Finding HPER Materials

The first step in using the HPER collection is to find the author's name. Portal can be used for author, title, subject and keyword searches. By entering a word combination such as "baseball and microform" a researcher could find several publications that are in the HPER collection. The resulting Portal records for any HPER materials contain the authors' names as well as call numbers. The call numbers are not used in the arrangement of the physical microforms but they do contain useful information. Each call number starts with HPER. In the next segment are letters that identify the subject matter of the material. For example, HE stands for heath, PE stands for physical education, and PSY pertains to psychological matters.

The microfiche indices are author and subject indices. These microfiche indices are located in the front of the file cabinet in which the rest of the collection is held. There are five volumes of indices that cover progressive years of the collection. Determined researchers may use these indices but Portal contains most of the information necessary for locating a particular publication.

Retrieving HPER Materials

The HPER microfiche are located in one file cabinet in the microform area. The microfiche are filed alphabetically by the author's last name. Please feel free to ask for assistance at the Ask Us Desk. Operating instructions are posted next to the readers for your convenience.

Copying HPER Materials

Copies are 10 cents per page copied. You must have a Sanddollar card to print from microforms. You can also scan pages to create a pdf that you can then email to yourself or save to a flash drive. Scanning is free. Ask for assistance at the Ask Us Desk on the first floor of the library by the computers.

When Finished

Please place the microfilm in the small return box on the table next to the microform readers

We invite questions and/or comments and look forward to hearing from you. Contact the Ask Us Desk at 361-825-2609 for more information.